Multimedia Services

Welcome to the audio visual services offered by AT&T GROUP LIMITED.

At our state of the art audio visual studio we can produce any voiceover, audio, audio book or promotional video you require in any language.

Our professional voiceover artists and production team ensure the highest quality of audio visual production possible and our graphic design team ensure the most professional look to any CD, DVD or cassette production you may want.

AT&T Group Ltd offers a fast and professional transcription service. Working from CDs, audio and video cassettes, or even electronic audio files, we can provide high quality transcriptions of a large range of subjects from conference speeches and meetings to advertisements, police interviews and verbal questionnaires.

We can supply transcription of audio spoken in any language and all our transcriptions are carried out by native speakers. Once the transcription is complete, you may decide you need to translate the transcript into one or several languages. Please refer to our technical translation section for further details.

Contact Us today to get a rapid and competitive quote for any audio visual production you may require.